The Game-Changing Event for Podcast Hosts and Guests

When: June 17, 2022

Time: 8:00 AM PST – 6:00 PM PST

Where: On Zoom!!

Meet dozens of podcasters, get booked, and land new stages!

And… Our VIP’s Get Interviewed During this Event!







The Main Stage
These AMAZING Presenters Share their Expertise on the Main Stage

Kimberly Crowe

Michelle Abraham


Steve Olsher & The future of Podcasting in Web3

Headshot - Falardeau

Kelly Falardeau

7 Easy Steps to Writing Your Book and How to Leverage It for your Business

Chuck Anderson

Podcasting for Partners: How Guests and Hosts can Create Collaborations and Partnerships with Every Episode

Evans Arms Crossed Transparent Background

Evans Putman

How to Amplify Income and Impact with Podcasts by Creating Your Own Podcast Sales Machine!

ALW Black T on Grey

Adam Walker Lewis

From Podcasts to TedX

unnamed (2)

Dan R Morris

How to Find and Speak Directly with Your Target Audience . . . when you don't have guests AND/OR can't rely on them to spread the word.

Alex Sanfilipo

Alex Sanfillipo

Get Booked As A Podcast Guest On 90% Of The Shows You Pitch

Steve Transparent 1500px

Steve Lowell

Think Differently + Speak Differently = Sell More

Teresa Goss _TGo_

Theresa Goss "TGo"

PodNation Bringing Podcasts to TV


Melanie Benson

How to Leverage OPP (Other People's Podcasts) to Add Another $12k in Revenue this Month

Podcast Guest Panel

Podcast Growth Panelists

Inspiration Panelists

Show Me the Podcasts
Kimberly Crowe
Kimberly and Michelle
Our VIP’s get the opportunity to be interviewed on up to five of these amazing podcasts DURING this event!

Mike Hingson

Unstoppable Mindset!

Dr Lisa Brewer

The Sunday Soul Podcast

Jennifer Takagi

Destined for Success

Candy Motzek

She Coaches Coaches

Val Low

Focus & Freedom for Entrepreneurs

Candy Messer

Biz Help For You

Hawk Mikado

Lead Your Leads

Adam Lewis Walker

Amplify Your Mission / TalkXcelerator

Luis "Fonzi" Camejo & Luis Daniel Camejo (Brothers)

Content Is Profit!

Susi Vine


Elaine Starling

The Abundance Journey!

Vicki Noethling

Find Your Leadership Confidence

Justine Reiss

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things!

Mardi Winder-Adams

The D Shift: Re-Defining Divorce And Beyond!

Chuck Anderson

Creative Collaboration Show!

Nicole Borghi and Beverly Zeimet

360 Wisdom Speaks

Ray Bourcier

From Surviving To Thriving for Parents!

Ali Perry Davies

Find Your Joy!

Michelle Nedelec

The Business Ownership Podcast!

Tanya Gill

Lighten Up and Unstuck Your What the Fuck!

Julie Ann

Life With Collective Purpose!

Susan Montanaro

Dreams and Detours

Lia Dunlap

Oracle on Purpose Podcast!

Jay Foss

Raising Your Inner Voice with Jay Foss

Frank King

Club TED; the World's Only All-Inclusive TEDx and Speaker Marketing Coaching Podcast

Jaci (Jackie) Finneman

The No-Problem Parenting Podcast!

Mitchell Levy

Leaders LIVING Their Values

Melford & Concetta Bibens

7 Figure Network

Anke Herrmann

Passion Business Podcast

Paul Lawrence Vann

Wealth Academy Podcast - Wealth Is More Than Just Money

Chris Ferguson

You've Championed Yourself, Who are you?


Travel Gluten Free

Swanette Kuntze

Swanette Kuntze

Tara Bryan

Course Building Secrets

Lorraine Durnford-Hill

A Parent's Journey

Katherine Burrows

The Write Connection

Another FANTASTIC Podcaster

Coming soon!

Another FANTASTIC Podcaster

Coming soon!

Another FANTASTIC Podcaster

Coming soon!

Another FANTASTIC Podcaster

Coming soon!







Tons More Exclusive VIP Bonuses!

VIP Bonus #1: Podapalooza Event Recording!

Afraid you’ll miss some of this amazing event? As a VIP you’ll score access to the replays of Podapalooza, plus Kimberly and Michelle’s Sensational Podcast Guesting and Hosting workshop – so you’ll have it all at your fingertips to replay at your leisure.

VIP Bonus #2: A Ticket to Michelle & Evans Podcast Sales Machine LIVE Events

Learn from Michelle Abraham and Evans Putman EXACTLY How to Sell More High-Ticket Offers and Organically Grow an Audience of Eager Buyers FAST

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VIP Bonus #3: Profitable Podcast Tool Kit

Tools, Templates, Scripts and So much more to get your podcast launched!

VIP Bonus #4: Impressively Impromptu with Kimberly Crowe (recorded course)

Nervous about interviews? Learn the secrets of Award Winning Speaker, Kimberly Crowe, as she teaches you formulas for shining on stage with little or no notice.


VIP Bonus #5: Secrets to Sensational Podcast Guesting and Hosting (recorded course)

Get Templates, Practice, Connections and amazing Coaching from Michelle Abraham!

VIP Bonus #6: 100 Ways to Make $Money$ from Podcast Guesting (recorded course)

Learn multiple ways to generate income and find ways to monetize your guest appearances!

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Don’t Miss Out on this Game Changing Event for Podcast Hosts and Guests!

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June 17, 2022

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Who’s Behind it All?

Kimberly Crowe

Kimberly Crowe

Kimberly Crowe is the founder of Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel and co-founder of Speakers Playhouse.  Her passion is to get entrepreneurs and speakers seen and heard in a bigger way by getting them connected with the stages, the people and the opportunities they need to massively grow their revenue and reach.  From virtual to in-person stages, live stages, podcasts, web summits, webinars, Facebook Live, YouTube shows and TV there are shows and stages with audiences that need your message.  Because if you aren’t being seen, you’re being overlooked!  Let’s get you connected and out on stages so that you can get your message out and stop being overlooked!

Michelle Abraham

Michelle Abraham is an international speaker, podcast producer and host.  Michelle was Voted #16 the last two years on Podcast Magazine’s list of the Top 50 Moms in Podcasting, she was also awarded Entrepreneur of the Year and nominated for People’s Choice Award by Business from the Heart. Michelle is the founder of Amplifyou, described by Shark Tank alumni Kevin Harrington as North America’s top podcast management company.

Amplifyou specializes in done-for-you services, helping visionary entrepreneurs with a powerful message to market and monetize their podcasts while making a lasting impact. Michelle and her team have launched more than 200 podcasts in the last three years and manage over 55 shows weekly. Michelle has been sharing her passion, mentoring podcasters since 2012! Michelle is a Category Director for Kids and Family for Podcast Magazine where she shares her Podcasts articles each month. Michelle is an advocate for the freedom lifestyle, she walks her talk, living off the grid on a lake and “boating” her kids to the school, all while running her successful all-online business.

Michelle Abraham

Reserve Your VIRTUAL Seat RIGHT NOW!







See you at Podapalooza!

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